, Gloucester, MA

May 15, 2013

Letter: GEF efforts a 'gift' for school arts fest

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

On Saturday, May 11, teachers and students in the Gloucester Public Schools gathered to celebrate the arts in our schools with a gala festival.

Four separate locations were used as part of the event. I want to personally thank The Directors of The Hive, The Cape Ann Museum and the Sawyer Free Library for their generosity in allowing us to use their wonderful facilities to showcase the art of the students in the Gloucester Public Schools. I also want to thank the City of Gloucester for the use of City Hall for the many excellent performances and programs that took place there during the day as well.

As chairman of the event, I especially want to thank the members of my committee, the many excellent teachers and administrators in our school system, and most importantly, the wonderful students who participated in the event. These incredibly talented young people were the true stars of the event, showcasing their artistic talents in a myriad of exciting and special ways.

I would like to set the record straight on one item that was reported by the Times. The musical “petting zoo” for which I was incorrectly credited was actually the creation of former Gloucester Music Teacher David Benjamin. At our recent event, our current middle school music teacher, Joseph Janack, served as the coordinator of that most successful venue and he did an outstanding job.

Finally, and most significantly, it is both important and fitting to take this opportunity to recognize the contribution of the Gloucester Education Foundation in this endeavor. Both the pre and post festival articles in the Times failed to mention their very strong support as sponsors of our Festival!

Candidly, contributions by GEF to each and every Arts Festival we’ve held have been nothing short of phenomenal, and this year was no exception.

The hard work and dedication of Christina Raimo, Maggie Rosa and everyone associated with the Gloucester Education Foundation has been so important to our success. From supplies, to arrangements for facilities and coordination of special guests, they are always there to help us as educators do our best. Each year, they spend countless hours adding to this event, often picking up the pieces of the details that are frequently overlooked and providing financial resources for supplies.

In the years I’ve been involved with music at the high school, I have been blessed with both financial and moral support from this excellent organization. On more than one occasion, they’ve helped me with the procurement of supplies and instruments that were critical to our success.

To omit their contribution to our programs on this wonderful day would be terribly unjust. They are truly a “gift.”



Chairman, Gloucester Public Schools Arts Festival

Music Director, Gloucester High School