, Gloucester, MA


May 17, 2013

Letter: Harbor development doesn't smell right

To the editor:

There’s a new smell in Gloucester Harbor these days, and it’s not coming from fish.

It’s coming from the sleazy politicians, greedy developers, and manipulative PR folks, all colluding to transform the working harborfront into a Newburyport-like mall.

Having known and loved Gloucester for 55 years, it’s very sad to see what Gloucester residents are letting the grabbers do to their city. Either they are unaware or just don’t care.

My late mother-in-law ran a business on Main Street where she “settled” fishing boats for a diverse group of boat owners. She always related to me what honest, hard-working, real human beings they were - a far cry from the grubby, grabby people invading the waterfront today.

Wake up, Gloucester! Your waterfront is going to turn into Disneyland North.


Singletary Lane, Framingham

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