, Gloucester, MA

May 18, 2013

Letter: Volunteer — and meet the world

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

It’s that time of year again, summertime opportunities for volunteering at the Visitor Center at Stage Fort Park.

Volunteering at the center gives you the chance to personally meet tourists from all over the world who converge on our hometown during the summer months.

Each year, we have visitors from Spain, India, Netherlands, Bulgaria, China, Haiti or Italy just to name a few of our global neighbors.

The reasons for their visits vary, some are exploring the New England coast and its history, some are searching their heritage, others are curious of the publicity we receive, and others just seem to stumble on it and are overwhelmed with the natural beauty.

For many, Stage Fort Park is their first chance to take in the breathtaking harbor views of coastal New England. The park is full of people — they are looking for directions, maps, brochures and that personal contact the Visitors Center offers, and all are anticipating an enjoyable time here.

Last year more than 8,000 visitors came through the center, Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day. Every year we have visitors from every U.S. state. Aug. 1 benchmarked our visitor from the 50th state, Alaska.

With a rich history, Gloucester has many stories and facts to explore. Did you know? More than 10,000 years ago, Indians migrated here from Arizona and New Mexico. The local tribe named Agawam means “fish curing place.”

These are some of the interesting historical facts you can learn while volunteering at the Visitor Center.

If you have an interest or want to learn more about volunteering, contact Kathie Gilson, WC volunteer coordinator, at 978-325-3558 or 978-281-8865, or



City of Gloucester volunteer coordinator