, Gloucester, MA


May 21, 2013

Letter: Mayor wrong to throw NOAA a 'white flag'

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the story regarding Mayor Kirk and her planning for “transition” on Gloucester’s waterfront (the Times, Page 1, Monday, May 20).

Now is certainly not the time for our representatives to strike the colors and hoist the white flag up the main!

There are many sources of “economic development” funding, which is all this plan really is, that already exist if someone wants to make toothpaste from lobster shells or silk skivvies from slime eels. The partial infrastructure funding for improvements to Commercial Street is just one example.

The mayor’s proposal, although well-intentioned, smacks of defeatism and seems much more like pan-handling than forcefully advocating the fair treatment which is required under the law — national standards under the Magnuson-Stevens Act that were intentionally written a number of checks and balances should things go awry — which they most demonstrably have.

“Wish lists” are for day dreamers. Better results would most certainly be achieved by sending this one off to Santa.

A true “template for what’s needed” is relentlessly demanding they abide by the law. Hell, we, as fishermen, have to — why don’t they?

One thing I’ve noted over the years is that “nicey nice” doesn’t work with the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, the Department of Commerce, or any other federal agency.

In D.C., it seems, diplomacy is seen as weakness and something to be exported overseas (where it clearly doesn’t work either). Domestically, it’s gloves off, bare knuckled, all out, do or die persistence that carries the day.

Keep that wheel screeching. And above all, never back down.



Captain, F/V Sasquatch

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