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September 28, 2012

Letter: Seeing red over Sen. Brown

To the editor:

Must we have racism plus more lies mixed in our Senate race? Have you seen the video about the protestors at Elizabeth Warren’s rally? It features Scott Brown’s senior staffers — such as Brad Garrett, who works for the Massachusetts Republican Party, and Jack Richard, a constituent services lawyer in Brown’s US Senate office, plus Greg Casey, Brown’s deputy chief of staff, and Jerry McDermott, a former Boston city councilor who serves as Brown’s state director — jumping up and down like idiots, insulting Indians.

Isn’t this race about the issues? Even the principal chief of Cherokee Nation denounces tomahawk chops by Brown staffers as “offensive and racist” for what he called an “uneducated, unenlightened portrayals of native peoples”

Then to get further off the issues, Scott Brown distorts the truth about the Travelers Insurance asbestos case. A lawyer representing the asbestos victims told journalists last Friday that, contrary to Mr. Brown’s assertions, Ms. Warren had stood up for the victims. But Mr. Brown dismissed him as a Democratic donor.

Yes, Scott Brown plays the Republican’s Photoshop trick (Democrats are also guilty, but not to the degree of Scott Brown and company) of editing bits of a story or dates. (Gee, can I be 25, again?) Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston said in an interview on Monday, “When candidates go negative, it means they have nothing to talk about.” He continued: Education, public safety, jobs, housing — “my God, he won’t talk about any of it. He voted against a jobs extension bill three times.” As stated, what I care about is my 23-month-old granddaughter, just announced new addition and the world they will inherit from us.

We need a senator in Congress that truly cares about the important issues, which confront us. I fully support Elizabeth Warren.

Cary Sabanty


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