, Gloucester, MA

December 22, 2012

Letter: Don't overstep calls for 'change'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

“America must change.”

The oracle who currently resides in The White House made that comment during the politicized and orchestrated atmosphere that followed the recent slaying of children in Connecticut.

What would he change? The spacious skies? The amber waves of grain? The purple mountains majesty? The undimming human tears? God’s grace bestowed? The alabaster cities? The patriot’s dreams? The Pilgrims’ thoroughfare? The fruited plains?

From sea-to-shining-sea, there is nothing to change. Mr. Obama must soon recognize that the police cannot protect us. He must realize that after-the-fact hand-wringing is wasted hand-wringing.

Some 39,000 people died on America’s roads and highways in 2010. There was no call to change America. No one called for the banning of automobiles, even though a significant number of those killed were children.


Ocean Avenue, Gloucester