, Gloucester, MA

December 24, 2012

Letter: Where's the outrage over abortion 'deaths'?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The recent murder of 20 innocent children in Connecticut prompted an outpouring of sadness and grief all across America from those who realize the value of human life.

This event is obviously amplified by the non-stop 24-hour news cycle that we live in.

Quickly after the event the cry went out of how we, as a nation, must end this cycle of violence. Many have jumped on the bandwagon of, as I see it, overturning the Second Amendment, which quarentees the right of free men and women to bear arms.

Yet, if we, as a nation, outlawed abortion, we could save 137 children per hour, 3,304 per day, 23,196 per week, 100,516 per month, 1,206,192 per year and a total of 54,559,615 since 1970.

Of course, the mainstream media will never cover this tragedy 24 hours a day and most Americans will never hold a vigil, or go to a church to pray of the victims of those who never got the chance to live. How any politician can have the unmitigated gall to stand up and propose new gun laws for our country when 26 people die, and run away and hide and not propse any controls on abortion, when 3,304 die every day is just being hypocritical.

Many want to control how many bullets a gun can hold and shoot. If you’re going to do that, why not limit cigarette smokers to purchasing two cigarettes per day, and only sell cigarettes one at a time? Over 443,000 Americans die each year due to cigarette smoking, but do we hold vigils and see the death total every day on the news?

How can humans create laws to control individual acts of evil such as what we have seen as of late? It can`t be done, unless we create a society where there no guns, no drugs, no cigarettes, no abortions, no violence on the big screen and TV, no alcohol — you get the point.

It’s all about the choices we make as a people and a nation.


Bass Avenue, Gloucester