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January 4, 2013

Letter: Writer’s Center finds gold in its friends

To the editor:

From a small poem, big ideas. From a small house, big impact.

The Vincent Ferrini house is 600 square feet but from this small world, the Gloucester Writers Center projects great energy — in the living tradition of Vincent and his friend across the harbor, Charles Olson. These poets wrote from Gloucester to the world, engaging equally with poets across the country and fishermen on the wharf. Vincent left us with a memory of heart, and in this coming centennial year of his birth, the Gloucester Writers Center is working to keep his legacy as vibrant as his life.

Like Vincent, our gold is our friends. Our on-going programs nurtured by our community of volunteers include a writers residency, poetry salons, and workshops for teens and the under-served. Hundreds have come to our readings that to date have featured more than 80 writers. We appreciated our community collaborations with our friends at the Harbor Room, The Bookstore of Gloucester, and the Rocky Neck Cultural Center.

Our volunteers are now gearing up for Vincent’s 100th birthday in 2013, as we look to his friends and colleagues for unpublished poems (raise your hand if you’ve got any!) to create a centennial book.

So far we have raised roughly $50,000 of our annual $75,000 budget (including the centenary book). Foundation grants help, but the bulk of our budget comes from your donations.

Vincent always said he was rich in friends. He was never one to think about money and lived on $160 a month, knowing his community would keep a roof over his head. We now look to our friends to keep a roof over ours.

Please donate (it’s tax-deductible), as we continue the work of being the gardeners of each other.

Henry Ferrini, André Spears and Annie Thomas


Gloucester Writers Center,

126 E. Main St., Gloucester

The Gold The suddenness flowers have, startle the air with their fir and ether as we do with what is ours because we are the gardeners of each other Vincent Ferrini

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