, Gloucester, MA


January 15, 2013

Letter: Don't question our 'right' to bear arms

To the editor:

I suppose that it’s never too late to hop on-board with the Second Amendment.

But sadly, the way I see it, the Bill of Rights train has left the station.

We now have people in charge of our Second Amendment who are armed with all the illicit authority needed to basically dictate how our right to keep and bear arms is going to be regulated.

Everyone in this anti-gun coalition seems to me to be completely oblivious to the principles and laws guiding our nation, or maybe just so committed to their hard-core, socialistic agenda that they just don’t care.

The Second Amendment is clear and, according to our Founding Fathers’ belief, it is a God-given right.

It seems to me that many of us are dealing with a shameless sanctuary of deceit, but I also believe it will slowly just crumble away.


North Andover

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