, Gloucester, MA


January 19, 2013

The Mayor's Desk: Prioritizing city issues for 2013

We have hit the ground running in this new year and are well underway on working on our priorities for 2013.

Here are some of the top priorities the administration has laid out for this year.

I-4, C-2: The property at 65 Rogers St. needs to remain the focus of effort to get it moving. We will work with the City Council to satisfy their concerns, and will keep at this until there is a successful resolution to this decades-old Gloucester perplexity – “what to do with I-4, C-2?”

Wind turbine tracking: We are in the process of pulling together the mechanism by which we will track the performance of the wind turbines and their financial return to the city. I hope to get a report every month, accompanied by a check from NationalGrid made out to the city of Gloucester, and will in turn share the results with citizens.

School athletic / user fee reduction: We will be advancing a proposal to reduce the family cap for athletic / user fees from $2,000 to $1,000 and further to reduce the fees by half for next school year. We want children to participate in sports (as the old saying goes, “sports not courts”), and other after school activities and not have financial barriers prevent them from doing so.

The Gloucester Fisherman’s Athletic Association along with the Gloucester Education Foundation have stepped forward these past years to alleviate the burden on families. Gloucester is now in the position where the city can also bring fees down to more reasonable levels.

Boulevard seawall: We have the engineering designs in hand along with the permits to do the badly needed reconstruction of the Boulevard seawalls on both sides of the Cut Bridge. Seeking funding will be the focus of our efforts with the Commonwealth’s Seaport Advisory Council in the coming year.

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