, Gloucester, MA


January 22, 2013

Letter: One NRA member's call for changes

To the editor:

As a member of the NRA, I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment.

However, I believe that, with that right go certain responsibilities and conditions. Therefore, I hereby submit, my suggestion of those conditions.

First, every firearm, as part of the manufacturer’s quality control, should be test fired and a ballistics report filed with the weapon’s serial number, into a federal law-enforcement database, thereby, closing gun show loopholes, as any recovered spent bullet, could be easily traced to the latest owner of the firearm that fired it.

Second, every applicant for a firearm permit/license, would have to undergo a dual purpose psychological evaluation. Part one would be to determine if said applicant was qualified to own a firearm; part two of the evaluation would be to determine the most suitable firearm that would meet the applicants need, and qualifications, thereby limiting the number of “Dirty Harry Magnums” on the street.

Next, assault weapon licenses would be issued only to law enforcement, and military personnel, or serious collector’s willing to lead the barrel, rendering the weapon incapable of being fired. Any reputable collector would not object.

Permits/licenses would be classified, for it’s specific usage. e.g. concealed carry, exposed carry, business premises, business carry, and home protection premises.

Finally, every applicant would need to undergo a course on the proper and safe use of the weapon assigned to his/her personality. They would need to show proficiency in the assembly/disassembly and cleaning of assigned weapon.

The last step in the process would be to meet all the current standards for a firearm license, and either state or local registration of their assigned weapon.

Do you agree with my suggestion? Perhaps you’ll send a letter with suggestions of your own.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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