, Gloucester, MA

January 24, 2013

Letter: Roe v. Wade's death toll mounting daily

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To The Editor:

The 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in America today will be memorialized by a staggering, yet always mounting, death toll. How does “rare, safe and legal” account for the entire combined populations of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Nevada?

How could the numbers proudly posted at Planned Parenthood, as they reach their bloody hands into your taxpayer wallets, equate to the lives of every man, woman and child living in the Atlantic coast states from Maine to Virginia?

“How”? you ask, or perhaps “Why”?

Because, Roe v. Wade “legally” established for the third time in history the non-personhood of a human being — following the Dred Scott decision for blacks and the Nazi “solution” for Jews.

“Who”? is a question I personally ponder. Who had been sent to us with perhaps a cure for HIV, the answer to Alzheimer’s, ecological solutions, scientific replies to the riddles that still confound us?

Among lives which were spared as they perched precariously in utero — Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, Colin Kaepernick, Oprah — one theme prevails: Each of their Moms received the help and hope needed to bring their babies to life.

I urge each of us to live the sacred lives we have been granted as testimony to real equality, authentic justice and true love--and to once and for all, cleanse ourselves of the corporate complicity we share in this national tragedy.

The abolitionists did triumph, the ovens at Auschwitz finally emptied, and we can end this awful war on women’s wombs.