, Gloucester, MA


February 1, 2013

Letter: Costly overkill, minimal snow

To the editor:

For years, this issue has been bugging me, and I always hope that next year things will change.

My gripe is this: As soon as we have a mere dusting of snow, the snowplows are out on the highways and byways.

What this unnecessary plowing of less than an inch of snow accomplishes is to further dig up already bumpy and pot-holed asphalt. The roads in this city are wretched, and the infrequent fill-ins of black tar are tenuous even in good weather, without being gouged by plows.

Also, the expenditures for this demolition must be great.

I realize many depend on snowplowing for supplemental income, but if there’s too little snow, then there’s too little snow.


Armstrong Way, Gloucester

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