, Gloucester, MA


February 1, 2013

Letter: Route 128's Exit 18 needs work

To the editor:

Exit 18 from Route 128 heading toward Gloucester needs some work.

The exit, for Route 22 in Beverly, is only a short distance from the highway to the intersection of Essex Street, but it is very bumpy. Unfortunately, several homes are along one side of that connector. And vehicles going toward the city of Beverly form a tight turn. This turn should be redesigned to allow more room in that right turn.

The exit road itself needs a complete repaving to smooth out the many “bumps.”

Any repaving there would probably be difficult since it is a very busy little road, and also because of the homes along one side there. But this connector can and should be “fixed.” The exit can be closed for the time needed to do the work there, except for the few residents in the area.

Just do it!



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