, Gloucester, MA


February 8, 2013

Letter: School guard measure merits support

To the editor:

I was on the Rockport School Committee when the Columbine school shootings occurred.

In the short time after that, while I was still on the committee, Rockport High School and the Police received a serious threat. It had to be investigated. I also remember a seriously sad incident at Gloucester High School, and a subsequent threat sometime later. Knowing two of the students involved since they were very young, and knowing all three sets of awesome parents, I never passed judgement.

I have been in a state of grief like never before since Newtown happened and am encouraged to see Amanda Kesterson’s petition in support of adding more school security in Gloucester.

Since Newtown, liberals and their dangerously or extremely calculating “politicians” do nothing but go after millions of law abiding legal gun owners. They pay lip service to mental health issues.

Liberals conjure up fantasies of re-writing the Constitution, and the idea that they don’t “want guns in schools,” implying sandbagged machine gun emplacements. Liberals always forget the second half of Constitutional statements like ... “shall not prohibit the practice thereof” and “shall not be infringed.”

Gov. Cuomo of New York wants to confiscate weapons from legal gun owners while never mentioning confiscating illegal weapons in the inner cities. I saw online a list of 40 mass murders in the U.S. including Arizona, Aurora, and Newtown. All perpetrators were mentally ill, all stuffed with psychotropic drugs. In each case, family and community slaughters committed, then suicide in most cases. The blame lies with the psychiatric “community,” along with signs posted on schools declaring them to be in “gun-free zones.”

Those poor kids in Newtown were flapping in the breeze, unprotected. It’s detestable.

Now that the “media” is done with Newtown except to refer to it when trying to disarm our citizens, there is no word from that saddened community on the “news.” I invite everyone today, right now, to go to the and look at reality. Read the news, features, and opinion sections.

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