, Gloucester, MA


February 11, 2013

Letter: Did state driving ban go too far?

To the editor:

When a friend and I went away to the Amherst area in Western Mass. to escape the severity of Nemo, it being a coastal storm, we heard about people rushing to get home from work, and businesses closing.

Yet no one told us that there was going to be a driving ban, starting at 4 p.m.

Fortunately, we got in way before the time, and the person at the desk was telling us that there was a threat for a very high fine, and potentially a year in prison, for any one who was out there driving in defiance of the state’s orders.

That sounds dehumanizing to enforce something to that point, in the choice of words and deeds.

Some of the guests were saying that it was to keep people safe, which is more than important, and understandable, and to protect the economy.

So if some one is out there for some reason, and not informed about the ban, and they have to pay serious consequences, or have an emergency, and they are penalized, then that is scary. No one would want to drive out in that kind of a storm, and some times, there are situations that are serious, and they have to make an exception.

Thank God, the storm wasn’t as dangerous as was predicted, especially when it came to power outages, And let’s hope that this is the last one for the winter!!


Pleasant Street, Gloucester

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