, Gloucester, MA


February 13, 2013

Letter: The president doesn't know best

To the editor:

The country has changed, because we should have known better.

With his radical leftist background, Barack Hussein Obama should not have been elected as president of the United States once, never mind twice. But it was his re-election that was the most telling. Despite the economic disaster of the past four years, despite the insane borrowing and spending, and despite the disdain he seems to hold for the U.S. Constitution and America’s exceptionalism, the American people re-elected Barack Obama.

In his inaugural speech, he used the trick of claiming that something can only be safeguarded by embracing the opposite; individual freedom requires submitting to the collective will.

Say what? Did he really say that?

Yes he did, premised by the phrase “Fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges.”

No, Mr. President, fidelity to our founding principles requires fidelity to our founding principles. What the founding fathers meant by equality in the declaration was not uniformity or equal outcomes. It was that there are God-given rights that every human being has upon birth. And these are the right to live, the right to live freely, and the right to pursue our own interests — in other words, unmolested by other people especially government. This is the essence of our founding derived from the laws of “God’s nature.”

The laws of God’s nature (individual liberty unmolested) do not change with the times. On the contrary, it is the duty of government to protect these rights, not to be the source of them or to re-define them.

Yet, as the president spoke these words, hundreds of thousands of adoring supporters nodded in agreement, giving approval to set the course Obama and his fellow travelers have set for our country. And, if left unimpeded, he will accomplish what his socialist/Marxist ideological forefathers have achieved –– the destruction of their country’s economy as well as the standard of living for the people.

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