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February 16, 2013

Letter: Rockport officials shine through blizzard

To the editor:

At 3 o’clock last Saturday morning, our electricity went out and my wife and I awoke to a house going from cold to colder.

During that morning, a neighbor called to say if we called the police, they would take us up to Rockport High School, where the cafeteria was heated by a generator.

We responded and got ready for a police cruiser to arrive. A few minutes later, we were astonished to see one of Rockport’s fire engines in front of our house. Two firemen hauled us through the snow where, with their help, we got aboard. I asked one of the firemen if he had gotten any sleep last night. He said “yes,” he had slept for one hour.

At the high school, the police were in charge. We observed case after case in which our police officers showed great human concern for the 30-40 Rockporters seated at the cafeteria’s round tables. That evening we were served a hot meal “on the house.”

Shortly after dinner, we learned our lights at home were back on. So who drove us home? Robert Liebow, the superintendent of schools, and his wife.

What kind of a town is Rockport? It’s a wonderful town!


Gott Street, Rockport

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