, Gloucester, MA


August 22, 2013

Letter: Bell candidacy should energize debate

To the editor:

I was so glad to read that Mac Bell qualified for the ballot to run for mayor in the November election.

I always felt that, when a candidate runs unopposed, the electorate misses out on insightful discussions of the issues. What a disservice to the democratic process that can be.

Whether you support Mac Bell or not, the fact that he is running is important.

Will he have a different vision for Gloucester? Will he need to take a different path?

We know that our fair city is not without problems. The taxpayers need some relief. We cannot continue to pay, pay, pay. The city needs development, and we need to utilize the Fuller School.

For the first time in a long time, I look forward to the conversations during the campaign process.

I hope voters will be energized to go to the polls. As for myself, I look forward to hearing the mayor’s accomplishments — the HarborWalk, restoring City Hall, and let us not forget about the city’s financial surplus.

Maybe the mayor will spend some of it to fix the police station steps.


Mount Pleasant Avenue, Gloucester

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