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August 26, 2013

Fixing up some of Gloucester's true gems

To the editor:

Cindy Hendrickson’s letter regarding Stacy Boulevard (the Times, Aug. 13) was right on.

That end of our beautiful walkway on Gloucester’s harbor would make a great spot to add to our city’s waterfront splendor, from the tennis courts up the hill to our visitors center.

Our old fort that defended this harbor is just history — pure and simple! It would just take safe walkways and signs to tell the old Gloucester story of defending against the British.

What a view, what a place to add to our city’s sights! New people with day trips or vacations in mind would love to see the old “Gloucester Stage Fort” park. New grass, areas to sit and also that beach area below the wall in front of the tennis courts. Could we fix those stairs?

Our mayor needs input from all of us on how to make our city come back to life, to bring money and new people who don’t want to drive to Cape Cod.

Our Cape Ann could be a showpiece — a city deep with fishing history that can share that old history with new.

Our Gloucester, England, fathers had a great cod drying station there. Let’s tell that story. Let people come with their children, and learn how to split and dry cod and how it was done. Signs and pictures. Maybe an old fisherman telling the story.

Make a small Plymouth, Mass., display. If they can do it, so can we!

Let’s make our diamond work for us, and let that old girl shine again.


Dennison Street, Gloucester

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