, Gloucester, MA

September 4, 2013

Editorial: School days raise driver safety needs

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — The dawn of the new school year for Gloucester’s public schools today means a time of new beginnings for students, parents, teachers and everyone involved in the school community.

But it also carries a lot of important meanings for other residents who otherwise have no direct connection to the schools at all.

It means, among other things, that — beginning this morning and again in mid-afternoon — our streets and roads will be crowded with those familiar big yellow school buses that make frequent stops. And it means that our streets, sidewalks and crosswalks will all be bustling with excited children walking and running to and from their schools and homes.

Many of those kids, of course, will be thinking about first-day-of-school happenings far more than about where they’re crossing, running or otherwise dealing with traffic. And that means it’s up to all of us to step up our own driving safety awareness — today, tomorrow and on most weekdays right through the end of the school year next June.

So be sure to use caution when you’re driving in or near a school zone, and be sure to leave a little extra time when you’re driving to and from work, or heading out to do those morning or afternoon errands.

Let’s all do our part to ensure that the new school year that begins today proves to be a safe school year, too.