, Gloucester, MA


September 14, 2013

Letter: U.S. attacks we should 'never forget' either

To the editor:

“Never forget.”

That phrase was invoked many times this Sept. 11, and understandably so. The events of that sunny September morn 12 years ago were horrifying and forever changed not just our nation, but the world.

But there is another Sept. 11 of great historical importance that should also not be forgotten yet many, if not most, Americans are not even aware of its existence, significance, or impact it had on our nation’s reputation.

The Sept. 11 I am referring to, like our own, also fell on a bright and sunny Tuesday.

It was 40 years ago, on Sept. 11, 1973, when terror, in the form of fighter jets, swooped in from the sky over Santiago, Chile, and a brutal, U.S. sponsored, right wing coup, led by General Augusto Pinochet, a man often referred to as the “Latin Hitler,” toppled a democratically elected president, and unleashed a seventeen year long reign of US backed terror that resulted in the deaths, disappearances, and imprisonment of tens of thousands of Chileans who dared to criticize the U.S. backed terrorist general in Santiago.

I share this not to diminish or disrespect the memories of our own terror filled Sept. 11 of twelve years ago. I share it in an effort to remind people that terror comes in many forms and from many sources — even the United States.

We, as Americans, recoiled in horror at the images of the jets careening into the Twin Towers and the towers’ subsequent collapse. We wondered what type of monster would carry out such a monstrous crime against innocent civilians.

Yet we often conveniently forget, or perhaps never knew, that our own government, always in the name of some high minded, noble sounding ideal like democracy or freedom, has engaged in its own acts of terror when it suited its purposes and was in the nation’s “interests” to do so.

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