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October 5, 2013

Letter: DPW chief's response doesn't hold water

To the editor:

This is an open letter to Mayor Carolyn Kirk.

Although there may be “localized” causes for water discoloration which may uniquely impinge on limited locations, l find Mr. Hale’s response cavalier and offensive as a statement of your administration’s attitudes and policies (the Times, Thursday, Oct. 3).

At one of your “state of the city” presentations at the Lanesville Community Center you acknowledged the more frequent experience of low water pressure and greater frequency of water staining in our “Back of the Cape” environment.

You stated that a by-product of capital repairs work in progress elsewhere in the City’s water treatment and distribution network would also significantly stabilize both water pressure and water clarity in our area.

Contribution to such improvements would also result from the replacement of the water tower behind the Plum Cove school on Hickory Street.

I am a supporter of your administrative accomplishments during your cumulative “mayorship.” However, I find Mr. Hale’s commentary in this week‘s Times story warrants a direct personal “mayoral” reply from you, not via your departmental chain of command.

Perhaps you will choose to do so in a letter to the Times. If so, please also specifically reference as “sub-addressees” the citizens of Gloucester’s “Back of the Cape” communities.

| know you can do better than Mr. Hale.



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