, Gloucester, MA

October 7, 2013

Letter: Fund-raiser flap is telling of Kirk's character

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

In his “Why Did My Newspaper Do That?” column (the Times, Saturday, Oct. 5) Times Editor Ray Lamont writes that he determined Mayor Kirk throwing opponent Mac Bell out of her campaign fund-raiser was a story worth covering.

He was correct. In fact, I believe it will turn out to be a defining moment in this election.

Instead of sleazily sending spies to Captain Kirk’s gathering, as the mayor did to his campaign kickoff, Mac Bell possessed the candor to represent himself at The Gloucester House.

Kirk, who has touted her leadership style by saying she is “level-headed” when responding to emergencies, got so ruffled and insecure that she booted a tax-paying citizen of Gloucester out of an event to which the public had been invited.

This contradicts her assertion that, “This isn’t my city. This is our city.”

How level-headed and respectful of Mr. Bell was it to suddenly embrace a ‘get-outta-Dodge’ demeanor on that evening?

I believe this comical debacle speaks volumes of the mayor’s true character. Her actions were autocratic — a ruler who has absolute power/domineering. Insecure people often overreact and wrongly feel threatened by those who question their leadership.

What if her opponent had refused to leave — leave an event open to the public having done nothing disruptive or disrespectful? Would Kirk have summoned the Gloucester police to remove him? The charge being what? That “he made her highness uncomfortable?”

Lamont’s nose for news proved sniff-worthy. As the weeks pass this brief, The Gloucester House confrontation will prove to be a watershed event in this election.

Trivial events often bear great consequences.

Clearly, it is time for Captain Kirk to find a new starship in another part of the galaxy.