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October 10, 2013

Letters: Ann Mulcahey has shown she cares about Ward 2

To the editor:

One sunny day this summer, Ann Mulcahey and I were working in the Fort Community Garden.

She told me about the Community Garden in Burnham’s Field. As someone fairly new to the community, I had never been there. We hopped into the convertible (hers or mine, I don’t remember), and Ann gave me a tour of all of the public spaces that she had worked to make beautiful and functional when she was Ward 2 Councilor.

First, we drove to Burnham’s Field, where a grant that she had written and submitted was used to refurbish the playing fields, add play equipment for the children and a picnic area for families. The community garden was alive with beautiful produce and flowers.

Next, we went to the Fisherman’s Memorial Park. It must be one of the most beautiful places in the city to have a picnic or paint a picture! The brush, weeds and debris have been cleared, the trees trimmed to show the view and benches have been installed. It is breathtaking.

Then, we went to the Green Street Playground, where a big jungle-gym, swing set and picnic areas, lighting, walkways and plants were installed while she was on City Council.

Ann Mulcahey is committed to children and families. She supports art, music and sports in the schools and always has a kind word and a smile for a child.

Ann’s commitment to the elderly is legendary. She is committed to caring for Gloucester’s seniors and the public spaces that they utilize and live in.

As Ward 2 councilor, she will continue to support the working waterfront, Marine Industrial businesses and the tourist attractions and local businesses that define our down town. Did you know that she used to meet the cruise ships as they came to port, to direct the passengers downtown? I bet she would again if they return to Gloucester!

Ann Mulcahey is committed to Gloucester. She is knowledgeable and accessible. She knows her neighbors and is quick to lend a helping hand.

She has my vote for Ward 2 councilor and I hope she has yours, too.


Fort Sqare, Gloucester

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