, Gloucester, MA


October 10, 2013

Letter: New health care act a matter of fairness

To the editor:

Since there are millions of Americans trying to enroll in the Affordable Healthcare Act, I find it hard to believe that the American public does not want it.

Most industrialized countries and many “developing” nations do far better providing for this basic human need than does the U.S. The “anti” group has tried over 40 times to repeal the act to no avail. So it would seem that the vast majority of the country elected representatives who support it.

What is wrong with “affordable,” except that it might affect the pocketbooks of the health insurance industry and the big pharmaceutical companies that so drain us?

Many people no longer have access to reasonable health insurance through their jobs. For that matter, many do not get adequately paid for the work they do. One state’s representative at last year’s national W.I.C. conference reported that Wal-Mart pays its full-time employees so little that they are eligible for low-income food assistance — provided by American taxpayers.

How easy it may be to pontificate against affordable health care when the speakers have generous health insurance in hand, paid for by the American citizenry.

Maybe they should extend their own benefits to the whole country. Then the far-flung disruption their pigheadedness is causing can come to an end. After all, ill health/disability can strike anyone anywhere at any time.



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