, Gloucester, MA

October 14, 2013

Letter: Waiting for renewed hope to emerge

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

By the time this letter is printed, I have hope that our government will have reopened and the prospect of default from our obligations, will have been properly solved.

What is left in the rubble caused by this crisis are the American people, the great majority of which are patriotic, genuine, law-abiding and who look to their elected officials to provide them with continuous responsible leadership.

I feel sad. I look upon those hallowed halls in Washington with a jaded glaze that I can’t seem to cover with any type of glasses.

Why are my emotions so in angst as I watch on television, on my computer, and in the newspaper the tumbling down of my own American dream?

Somehow, I am an optimist by birth. My hard-working parents raised me to be a grateful young woman. Grateful for God, for family, for food, health, shelter and grateful for a country that allowed me to grow.

In this country, I was allowed to grow and understand that what might be wrong in any government situation could be, lawfully, fixed with genuine concern for one’s self and others. I always thought that compromise, and cooperation were foundations that drew the best response in answer to perplexities.

Look how far we have come — look at the change in the landscape of ideas concerning what it means to be a complete American. It has taken courage to overcome much of what was incomplete in America. I am grateful for that and for the return of my “rose-colored glasses” of optimism, of which I am not ashamed.

When I was old enough to vote, I have found I always loved to go to my secret ballot box and vote for my choice of candidate without fear of reprisal from any looming government obstacle to my freedom to choose.

I feel this freedom must continue to be strengthened and ensured because inclusion, not exclusion makes this country great. Such creativity, such energy emanates from the file of all concerned citizens.

But now, with all that has taken place in Washington, will I be able to rebuild my confidence in our governing bodies and the way they have behaved? My answer will be, “Yes,” but it may take time. Democracy is cumbersome, but it is the best system devised by man — devised by our founding fathers (and, in that era, the women behind them) to develop individual freedoms for the least of us to the greatest.

You have heard it said that “with freedom comes responsibility” expected from us all — top to bottom.

Returning to my hopeful attitude as I began this piece, I can say that my intuition tells me that authentic democracy will have solved the problem and moved on ... courageously.

An addendum to all my people in Congress: please work for inclusion rather than exclusion.