, Gloucester, MA


October 15, 2013

Letter: City has blossomed under Kirk's care

To the editor:

Having observed a slew of little pro-Bell/anti-Kirk letters flying from my town to the pages of the Times, I think it’s time for a pro-Kirk letter from Rockport to appear as well.

Bell may know his buildings and have a lot of money, but it is hard to buy an election. And you can draw in a few letter writers from another town to keep up the negative drumming, bailing out your gaffe after gaffe, but they can’t turn “a pig’s ear into a silk purse.”

Carolyn Kirk is a very classy lady, sensitive to the feelings of the people of Gloucester. She has tried to make it open and welcoming, a fun place to live. Her focus has been on the well being of its residents.

It seems to me Gloucester has blossomed under her care.



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