, Gloucester, MA


October 24, 2013

Editorial: Get informed through debate telecasts

Incumbent Mayor Carolyn Kirk and challenger Mac Bell have now gone toe-to-toe three times over a period of eight days, and four times overall in often contentious debates that touched on a wide variety of city issues.

And, in addition to last Thursday’s mayoral clash, which drew a near full house to the Gloucester Stage Company, our own Times debates also featured the candidates running for the contested Ward 2 and Ward 5 City Council seats, for council-at-large and for the Gloucester School Committee.

If you’re a Gloucester voter, and you didn’t get to take in any of those debates, Cape Ann TV is rebroadcasting all of the Times events — as well as those mayoral debates hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters and the Unitarian Universalist Church. And they’ll be running multiple times over the next two weeks leading up to the Nov. 5 elections.

Program director Lisa Smith and her crews at Cape Ann TV all deserve an immense amount of credit for providing this true community service. But it’s now up to you, the voters, to put that service to good use.

Take the time to check out the Cape Ann TV schedule for these telecasts, and by all means, tune in to get a real sense of what all of these candidates have to say, and tuning in is as good a means as any to become an informed voter before you go to the polls.

This has already been one of Gloucester’s liveliest election campaigns in some time, and will no doubt pick up even more steam as Nov. 5 approaches. But before you make your decisions, take the time to check out these telecasts.

It’s well worth the investment.

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