, Gloucester, MA

August 7, 2013

Crunch Time

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Newell’s Best

With the brand new Newell Stadium set to debut on September 6, the Gloucester Daily Times will be taking a trip through the past counting down the best Gloucester High School football teams of all time from August 12- August 24.

If there are any teams that you feel are great and would like to nominate for the countdown contact Sports Editor Nick Curcuru at or 978-283-7000 ext. 3444.

Gomes on ARod

Red Sox outfielder Johnny Gomes was pretty blunt on Monday when asked if Alex Rodriguez should be allowed to play while appealing his 211 game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez was in the Yankees lineup on Tuesday and will continue to be in the lineup during the appeals process, and that does not sit well with Gomes.

“I don’t think (he should play during the appeal process) to tell you the truth,” Gomes told when asked if it was right that A-Rod was still out there. “I can imagine being the pitcher, just knowing this guy is on or has done steroids. That’s not an equal battle right there. I don’t know how that would really work out. Good thing I don’t pitch. It doesn’t make much sense that he’s still playing.”

Gomes may have to get used to seeing Rodriguez in the Yankees lineup as the third baseman has vowed to fight the suspension to very end.

Gracious inductees

It was classy of NFL Hall of Famers Bill Parcells and Warren Sapp to give high praise to their ex-wives during their induction speeches. Being the wife of an athlete or coach is a thankless job.

Hypocritical Polian

ESPN’s Bill Polian smugly explains that when he was GM of the Colts they had Aaron Hernandez off their board for character reasons. How hypocritical. When he was with Carolina, Polian drafted in the first round Rae Carruth, who later masterminded the murder of his former girlfriend, resulting in their baby being severely handicapped.

-Compiled by Times Staff