, Gloucester, MA

February 22, 2013

Crunch Time

Gloucester Daily Times

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With the exception of a relatively minor move that puts Jordan Crawford in a Celtics uniform, Boston did not pull off a trade that will change the landscape of the team.

Fans were a bit disappointed that head of basketball operations Danny Ainge didn’t unload stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to look towards the future, but he did the right thing. It’s not that I’m opposed to trading Pierce and Garnett, that’s not the case, the Celtics are going to have to rebuild without the two of them sooner rather than later. But the Celtics didn’t have the right offers on the table to move the two stars.

I would hate to see the fans reaction if Ainge did pull the trigger and traded his two best players just for the sake of making a trade. If the Celtics traded Pierce and Garnett we would have seen Kris Humphries and Marshon Brooks in a Celtics uniform in exchange for Pierce and Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler coming to town for Garnett. The Celtics attempted to get DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers for Garnett, which would have been worth a trade, but could not pry him away from Los Angeles.

Those four players are all mediocre, and don’t scream rebuilding. The addition of those four players would put the Celtics in the lower lottery, in no spot to draft a franchise player and with no trade bait to get a star in return.

Sure the Celtics appear to be stuck in basketball purgatory for a few more years, but that’s how the NBA works these days unfortunately. It was the right move for Ainge not to be hasty at the deadline and wait for the right move and the right package of players to trade his two stars. I think we will see the Celtics really go for it this offseason, when Rajon Rondo has trade value again.

Sox’ Japanese Twitter

If you haven’t heard already, the Red Sox recently launched a Japanese-language Twitter account, @redsoxjp.

The account includes translations of Red Sox English language social media content, regular interviews with Red Sox players, and exclusive interviews and information from relievers Junichi Tazawa and Koji Uehara, according to a Red Sox press release.

-Compiled by Nick Curcuru and Christopher Smith