, Gloucester, MA

March 1, 2013

Crunch Time

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Middlebrooks OK

Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks survived a scare on Wednesday night after injuring his wrist on a check swing against the Orioles.

Middlebrooks left the game favoring the same wrist that put him out of action for a significant period of time last season.

The Sox third baseman, however, had the wrist checked out and was cleared to participate in all baseball activities. The news is a huge sigh of relief for Red Sox players and fans as the team will be relying on Middlebrooks a lot this season.

Suggs at it again

Terrell Suggs’ favorite past-time seems to be ripping on the Patriots, and with the Ravens’ recent Super Bowl win he has had a larger platform to do so.

On Wednesday Suggs appeared on Sports Radio WEEI and was not shy about his feelings on the team.

“There are 32 teams in the NFL, I guarantee the other 31 hate the New England Patriots. It ain’t just me,” Suggs said. “Why did Bart Scott say the same thing? You think it’s just us? Behind closed doors, they don’t think anybody can play on the field with them,” Suggs said. “It’s a respect level, and I don’t think the New England Patriots respect anybody.”

After the Ravens AFC Championship game win in Foxborough Suggs called the Patriots “arrogant” in a post game rant.

The hard truth is as long as the Patriots continue to lose to Suggs and the Ravens, the All Pro linebacker is going to continue to sound off.

Pierce fighting through injury

Paul Pierce has been battling a nerve problem in his neck, an ailment that he says may not heal this season. The Celtics captain has been playing through the injury for the past several weeks and had to be removed from a game against the Suns last week with neck pain.

“I probably won’t be fully recovered from it until the season is over, if I ever do,” Pierce said. “I probably have a little bit of nerve damage in my back, part of my neck. It’s something that I’ve been playing through over the last several months. I’m about as healthy as I’m probably going to be in the regular season right now.”

-Compiled by Nick Curcuru