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July 24, 2013

Outdoors: Ground fishing hot spots

Finding the right spots for bottom fishing can be hard, especially for the fisherman who only has a few days a year to get out on the ocean. Over the years I have tried to be as specific as I can be to help. A few weeks ago I revealed some of my best striper spots. This week I am going to give you some of my best locations for groundfish.

The first is a rise in the bottom just south of Tillies at approximately 42.36.8 and 70.20.5. We have caught cod, haddock and cusk there every time we have drifted on through. It is an East-West running hump that is fairly small and runs about 228 feet deep. I think the reason this spot is so good is that to the East it drops off to 475 rather quickly.

This is a bit of a run out, but if you go on a quiet day you can have very productive drifts. In a breeze you will want to use a windsock of some kind to slow your boat down to a crawl. Remember to keep the weight bouncing on the bottom. You will lose some terminal gear, but the results are usually worth it. If you are not bouncing you will not be catching.

Just south of the above spot is another small hump that rises up to 238 feet. This can be found at approximately 42.35.0 and 70.20.9. Deep water is again found immediately to the East in a trough that can be over 600 feet deep. However, this hill can hold some really good bottom fish. We have also caught and released some big stripers out here as well.

A little closer to shore you might want to mark 42.35.6 and 70.23.3 for a try. Although it is less shallow at 278 feet, once again it is a hump surrounded by some deep water. To the East of this tiny rise there is a trough that reaches down to about 430 feet. Because it is a long way down, you might want to have some significant weight on the terminal end. We often use 16 oz. or more lead to get to the bottom and stay there.

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