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January 11, 2012

Charlie Weis: O'Brien can make both jobs work

Charlie Weis has two words for New England Patriots offensive coordinator and Penn State head football coach Billy O'Brien as he prepares for what lies ahead, hopefully, for the next 31/2 weeks.

"Sleep deprivation," said Weis, who was named the new head coach at the University of Kansas last month.

If anybody knows what O'Brien has in store for himself as he double dips as overseer of the Patriots offense during the 2012 Super Bowl bid and rebuilding a tarnished Penn State football program, well, it is Weis, the offensive coordinator for all three Super Bowl victories.

Weis was in basically in identical shoes O'Brien is in this morning. Near the end of the 2004 regular season, Weis accepted the job as the head coach at high-profile program — University of Notre Dame, his alma mater — while the Patriots were gunning for a dynasty.

He was beholdened to two masters: Bill Belichick and several million Notre Dame football fans.

"My guess is that Bill (Belichick) will sit down with Billy, go over what worked last time when I had to do the same thing," said Weis, via phone from his office in Lawrence, Kan. "The template is already in place. Bill has already gone through it once. And we did win a Super Bowl."

While the college football season doesn't begin until September, like O'Brien, Weis had to recruit assistant coaches and high school superstars.

"Here's what I did," said Weis. "I worked on Patriots stuff all day, until 8 (p.m.) at night. Normally, I would work until 11. But from 8 to 11 I made recruiting phone calls and finalized my staff. Then I would take a shower at 11 and go do more Patriots work until 2 a.m. I did that every day so I wouldn't miss anything I needed to do with the Patriots."

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