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August 2, 2013

Golf Tip: Creating more clubhead speed

One of the most common things I am asked about is hitting the ball further. There are many factors that contribute to distance; equipment, fitting, fitness and technique to name a few.

Having the proper equipment and having it properly fit seem obvious, but a recent study found the 80% of all players play a driver with the incorrect loft. Most modern drivers can be “tuned” to maximize performance, but most players do not take the necessary time to have someone “tune” them, they just play it how it comes.

Fitness is important because the greater the difference in hip rotation to shoulder rotation (separation of powers) the more potential clubhead speed you will have. Technique is important because using the proper technique (body rotation vs arm swing) will allow you to maximize clubhead speed through impact.

Here are some more tips on how to improve your clubhead speed.

Picture 1

In this picture I am demonstrating separation of powers, which is the ability of the hips and shoulders to rotate independent of each other. Notice that my hips are rotated here while my shoulders have not. A good drill is to practice moving each separately while keeping the other still.

Picture 2

In this picture, I am doing the leg drive drill. Place a shaft along your toe line and practice rotating your hips to get your weight on the outside of your lead foot and inside of your trail foot at impact without letting your knees get outside the shaft

Picture 3

In this picture, you can see how my spine angle in the follow through position is similar to how it would be in my spine angle in the set-up position, just rotated. Maintaining this tilt ensures proper body rotation, loss of this angle means your arms make up the difference through extension.

Picture 4

In this picture I am doing the speed drill with alignment rods. Swing the alignment rods and you will hear them make a noise at their fastest point. The goal is to hear the noise in the circle in the follow through area, not the downswing.

Steve Colt is the head Golf Pro at Bass Rocks Golf Club in Gloucester.

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