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January 31, 2008

Five questions with ... Jesse Palmer

EDITOR'S NOTE: Each day we ask a celebrity at the Super Bowl five questions. Yesterday, Bill Burt spoke to former Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer, 29, who is most known as "The Bachelor" (No. 5) on ABC. Palmer, who played five years in the NFL as a backup quarterback with the Giants, is currently a college football analyst for ESPN and covers pro football for TSN, a Canadian sports network.

I realize you might be biased but who will win on Sunday, the Patriots or Giants?

"A few weeks ago I thought differently. I thought the Patriots all the way. But I'm not so sure now since I've been around these guys lately. They are as loose as I've ever seen a Giants team. They've always had talent, but now they believe in themselves. They are on a roll. It's like a metamorphosis took place. Let's just say, I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants won it."

Do you miss being a pro football player?

"Oh, man, big time. I would love to be with the Giants right now, going through this. When I was there, this is what we talked about, getting to and winning the Super Bowl. I miss being around the guys a lot."

What happened with your breakup with "The Bachelor" winner Jessica Bowlin?

"It just never worked out. I was not in it to get married, anyway. I looked at it as an opportunity to meet some great ladies. We just weren't meant for each other."

I thought the show's premise was for you to find a wife?

"No, not me. I never looked at it that way. It was a great experience. But it's no way to find a wife, trust me."

Was "The Bachelor" experience worth it?

"Absolutely. I didn't do it for anything other than the experience but it probably helped out my television career. I am from Canada so working for TSN is great. And ESPN is a great place, too. "The Bachelor" was good to me."

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