, Gloucester, MA

July 2, 2013

Wrapping up St. Peter's Fiesta 2013

By Nick Curcuru
Sports Editor

---- — With another St. Peter’s Fiesta in the books, it’s time to reflect on what the weekend’s sporting events brought to the table.

The weekend was not short on impressive performances as a few familiar faces re-established dominance and a few new faces picked up wins in impressive fashion.

Championship Sunday once again lived up to its name as all competitors in the Men’s Seine Boat and Greasy Pole competitions rose to the occasion.

The Sunday Greasy Pole, featuring a field of past winners of proteges walking in the name of a past winner, was about as exciting as the competition gets. It may have lasted a little longer than usual, four rounds, but with countless strong walkers in the field the flag nearly came down more than a dozen times.

Former champs nearly took the flag down, proteges nearly took the flag down, and in the end it was Nicky Avelis, the 2012 Saturday champion, that came out on top at the beginning of round four, his second great walk of the afternoon. With flags in the last two Fiestas, Avelis has now proven to be one of the most dangerous walkers on the Sunday pole.

In the Men’s Seine Boat Finals, 2019-2011 champion Kaos took its place back on top of the sport with a dominant weekend. On all three race days, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, Kaos was clearly the most impressive team in the water and while defending champ Closing Time gave them a run for their money on championship Sunday, Kaos was once again too strong.

Kaos has been in the conversation of the greatest seine boat crews of all time, on Sunday they just may have established their spot alone at the top.

Friday and Saturday’s competitions saw some new faces break into the championship column, all doing so with outstanding performances.

Rowgue led off the Friday festivities with a resounding win in the Women’s Seine Boat Finals. Even more impressive was the fact that Rowgue, a brand new crew, knocked off four time defending champion Oar’Dacious.

Any crew that knocks off a four time defending champion is a threat to go on a run of their own, and Rowgue will enter next year’s races as the heavy favorite to repeat.

The Friday and Saturday Greasy Pole competitions introduced a pair of potential future stars to the field of Greasy Pole walkers. On Saturday Zack Allen took his first flag in the fifth round, and he went on to be a factor in Sunday’s competition nearly taking the flag for a second straight day.

On Friday Kyle Barry, a veteran walker of six years, grabbed his first flag with a flawless walk in the third round.