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May 10, 2013

Golf Tip: Throw sand onto the green for solid greenside bunker shots

One of the most misunderstood and poorly executed shots in golf is the greenside bunker shot. There are many ways to try to play the shot, but below I have detailed a very simple and concise way to execute this shot. Remember, it is a shoulder swing, not a hand swing with every club in our bag, the more hand action that you use, the more variables you introduce, leading to a wider variety of shots. The best way to think of a bunker shot is like a beach ball on the surface of a pool. If you hit the ball itself, it will not go very far, however, if you hit the water behind the beach ball, it will jump out of the water and go rather far. A bunker shot is very much like this, we never hit the ball itself in a greenside bunker. In picture one, I am demonstrating proper set-up fundamentals. Notice that I have 75% of my weight is on my front foot also my feet, hips and shoulders are all square to each other and my clubface is open. Also my feet are dug in the depth which I want the club to dig in.

In this picture you can see proper alignment for a bunker shot. My feet, shoulders and hips are all aligned to the left of my target and my clubface is facing the target.

In picture three you see that my backswing follows my foot line (parallel to it) and I am using my shoulders, not my hands to swing the club.

In picture four you can see that I have hit behind the ball and have a follow through that matches my back swing. Also my weight always stays on my front foot. You never hit the ball first in a greenside bunker, we drive the club down and through the sand, letting the sand push the ball out, much like hitting the water behind a beach ball in a pool will propel the beach ball.

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