, Gloucester, MA

December 24, 2012

Crunch Time

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Star Treatment

LeBron James has brought new meaning to the word star treatment recently. The reigning NBA Finals MVP has not been whistled for a personal foul in the last six games.

Pundits will make you believe that this is because LeBron is a superior defensive player, but the odds that an NBA player that plays 40 minutes per game and frequently guards the oppositions most athletic player has not committed a foul in six games is literally impossible in a game like basketball.

Sure LeBron is one of the best defenders in the entire league and probably the best athlete in the entire league and all of sports, but fouls happen no matter how good or athletic a player is.

LeBron’s streak shows the NBA’s biggest flaw, the star treatment referees give the league’s best players. Most NBA players aren’t allowed to play the type of defense LeBron plays. James shouldn’t be praised for this mark, NBA referees should be criticized for it.


cashes in

Nick Swisher was reportedly high on the Red Sox wish list this offseason, but given the contract he signed with Cleveland on Saturday, the Red Sox made a wise choice in letting the outfielder go to Cleveland.

The Indians broke out the check book on Saturday giving Swicher a four-year $56 million deal with an option for a fifth $14 million.

Swisher had a big season last year hitting 24 home runs and driving in 93 runs, but the price the Indians paid for the outfielder is way too high.

Hole to fill

Despite all the offseason moves the Red Sox have made, they have another hole to fill as free agent outfielder Cody Ross signed a three year deal with Arizona after spending the 2012 season in Boston.

Ross was a perfect fit for Fenway but chose Arizona, who was offering a three year deal. Luckily for Boston Ross is replaceable and there are outfielders on the market who can put up the numbers he did for Boston last season. Still, it’s disappointing to see one of the players who didn’t disappoint for Boston in 2012 leave town.

-Compiled by Nick Curcuru