, Gloucester, MA

August 24, 2013

Crunch Time

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Best trade ever

Both the Red Sox and Dodgers appear to be happy with the blockbuster deal that sent Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett to LA last summer for a pair of Dodgers prospects. None more so than the ever fragile Carl Crawford.

The Sox paid Crawford $20M a year and the outfielder rewarded the team by spending a ton of time on the disabled list and being a disappointment in every facet of the game. Crawford told reporters on Thursday that he loves it in Los Angeles compared to the pressure that was put on him in Boston.

“You make $20 million, but it’s not like they’re begging me to hit a home run every time I go up there, you know what I’m saying? It’s not like I need to go 5-for-5 every at-bat and, if I don’t, I’m considered the worst player on the planet. It [ticked] me off so much, the things I had said about me. I have the type of spirit that, if you say something to me, I’m going to say something back.”

Crawford has absolutely no gripe. When a team pays you $20M your’e expected to produce, and Crawford absolutely did not. He says fans were expecting him to go 5-5 every night, I think they would have taken 1-4 every night with the way he disappointed.

Crawford was clearly not cut out to play in Boston, and the Dodgers gave the Sox a huge gift by taking on his huge contract despite the fact that he will not live up to it.

No need to panic

So the Patriots looked abysmal Thursday night in a 40-9 preseason loss to the Detroit Lions in the third preseason game. Sure it’s the preseason game where the starters get the most playing time, but is there really reason to panic?

The last time the Patriots lost a preseason game to the Giants was in 2011, the last year they made it to the Super Bowl. Thursday’s loss was also the worst preseason loss to the Patriots since 2004, the last year they won the Super Bowl.

New England certainly has a few kinks to work out, most notably the offensive line and getting a young receiving core on the same page as Tom Brady. But the Patriots will be just fine once the regular season rolls around and will be right in the mix as one of the best teams in the AFC.

—Compiled by Nick Curcuru