, Gloucester, MA

October 17, 2012

Mt. Vernon stabbing sends man to hospital

By Steven Fletcher Staff Writer
Gloucester Daily Times

---- — A Danvers man remained hospitalized Tuesday after sustaining an apparent knife wound in a three-way Monday night fight at a Mount Vernon Street apartment.

But the two Gloucester men charged in the wake of the incident faced only allegations of disorderly conduct as of Tuesday as police continued to investigate the case.

According to the Gloucester police report, officers responded after a neighbor reported three men fighting on the second floor deck of 61 Mt. Vernon Street Monday at 6:30 p.m. Upon arrival, the officers saw the men involved in what they described as a “loud altercation,” and heard them yelling and slamming doors from the street.

Police broke up the fight and separated Christopher Whitcomb, 18, of 10 Magnolia Ave., Mark Vecchione, 19, of 61 Mt. Vernon St., and Vincent Hudson, 24, of 16 Rand Circle in Danvers.

When they separated the men, however, an officer noticed Hudson appeared intoxicated and handcuffed him for his safety, according to the incident report. And while he told police he was fine and “nothing happened,” according to the police report, officers noticed blood stains on his shirt.

As police walked him away from the apartment, Hudson yelled out that he wasn’t “a snitch.” Police then lifted his shirt and found what looked like a puncture wound on his torso. At that point, they called for the Fire Department’s ambulance squad, which transported him to Beverly Hospital. Hospital staff confirmed Tuesday that Hudson was still a patient, but had no information regarding his condition.

When police asked him at the scene who stabbed him, Hudson told officers he wasn’t going to “snitch” on his friends. He has not been charged in the incident, according to police reports.

Meanwhile, other officers were with Whitcomb and Vecchione, who had superficial wounds consistent with being in a fight, police reports stated. When they found that Hudson had been stabbed, they searched both Whitcomb and Vecchione, and found a folding knife in Vecchione’s pocket.

Whitcomb said he, Vecchione and Hudson were drinking earlier that evening. Hudson left and then came back acting “out of control” and tried to force his way into the house, starting the fight. Whitcomb said he hit Hudson once in the face, but said he didn’t know that anyone was stabbed.

Police arrested Whitcomb and Vecchione on disorderly conduct charges.

Detectives then arrived and began their investigation, and four hours later, police sent K-9 officer Jerome Ciolino and dog Trident to search the apartment, after one of the initial responding officers said he thought he had seen another person inside.

Whitcomb and Vecchione said there wasn’t anyone else there, but when Ciolino entered the house and gave three required announcements of a K-9 search, police heard a voice and found two girls – ages 17 and 16 — in the apartment.

They told police they had been upstairs, and were afraid to come down, adding that no one else was inside. At that point, Ciolino and Trident searched the rest of the apartment, and confirmed no one else was in the residence.

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