, Gloucester, MA

October 30, 2012

Power to be cut to Fort Square so crews can repair Birdseye siding

By Steven Fletcher
Staff Writer

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National Grid will cut power to Fort Square as work crews try to repair a section of aluminium siding that peeled off the Birdseye building during the storm last night.

It is unknown when the power will be cut, according to city officials.

Winds from now Post-Tropical cyclone Sandy pulled off that section of siding along Fort Square, revealing a wall of torn yellow insulation. The winds set the peeled-back siding against a utility pole, energizing the metal last night. Crews responded this morning to fix the storm damage, but needed the power shut off so they could work, said Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Eric Smith.

"We don't want parts of the building to injure somebody or take down the wires," said Smith.

Fort Square residents will lose power for between four and six hours, according to a statement from the Department of Public Works. The power will come back on once crews secure the siding. The area has also been pushed up to a "life safety" priority level with National Grid.

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