, Gloucester, MA

June 1, 2012

Route 133 crash claims a life

By Steven Fletcher
Staff Writer

An Essex Avenue crash between a motorcycle and delivery truck claimed the life of the rider Thursday afternoon.

Gloucester Police officers and Massachusetts State Police troopers responded to a crash at the intersection of Essex and Fernwood Lake avenues at 4 p.m.

According to a witness, a UPS delivery truck pulled out of Fernwood Lake Avenue and didn't see the motorcycle. The driver hit the side of the truck as it drove onto Essex Avenue, which is also Route 133.

According to a report on, a local online broadcast service, members of the rider's family were apparently driving behind him when the accident happened. Another witness, who tried to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, said the man had no pulse immediately following the accident.

Police blocked off Essex Avenue at the intersections with Woodward and Lyndale avenues after the crash. Local and state officers didn't provide further information or the rider's name as of presstime Thursday night.

Officers righted the wrecked motorcycle in the center of Essex Avenue by Fernwood Lake Avenue, retracing the accident.

Gloucester Police and State Police accident reconstruction officers started their investigation a little less than an hour after the crash, examining the wrecked motorcycle and the route the UPS truck took down Fernwood.

Officers, one with a camera, drove the truck at a crawling pace down the Fernwood hill onto Essex Avenue. Bits of glass and metal lay around the orange Harley-Davidson, alongside a pair of shoes and leather gloves.

Police had the road blocked off with State Police cruisers, and approaching motorists either turned away or stopped at a distance to watch officers work. An officer sat on the motorcycle, checking handlebars and petals, as others documented damage. UPS brought a second truck to the scene, and four UPS drivers watched as the police went about their work.

Troopers used surveying equipment to examine the site, and angles of impact, while others spoke with the UPS driver and a witness.

Tally's towing service removed the heavily damaged motorcycle on a flatbed wrecker.

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