, Gloucester, MA

December 31, 2012

Times Top 10

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — The top 10 Cape Ann news stories of 2012, as voted by the Times staff:

1. The tragic disappearance of 2 1/2-year-old Caleigh Harrison.

2. Wind turbine project changes city “skyline,” promises energy savings.

3. The fall of the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School.

4. Jane Lubchenco bows out as NOAA chief.

5. Beauport Hotel plans move forward for Birdseye site.

6. Gloucester and New England fishery certified as “economic disaster.”

7. Grisly pitbull heroin case spotlights animal abuse cases.

8. Rockport Middle School counselor ousted from full-time post but remains consultant after allegations surface of prior sexual abuse at Beverly’s Landmark School.

9. Gloucester hires outside police and fire chiefs for first time in recent history.

(tie) 10. Gloucester’s I-4, C-2 site remains vacant after city draws no bids in request for development.

(tie) 10. Sale of Cape Ann Tool Co. gives new hope for Rockport development.

(tie) 10. 54-foot whale that washes up dead in Rockport becomes odd educational attraction.