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January 5, 2013

Two men facing drug charges again

Two Gloucester men have been charged and police say charges are pending against a woman following an investigation into drug activity at a Springfield Street home.

Charged are:

Dion M. Tocco, 47, of Madison Court. He faces charges of distributing class D drugs, being marijuana.

John “JP” Thibeault, 20, of 7 Springfield St., the son of Tocco’s girlfriend. He has been charged with possessing clonazepam, also known under the brand name Klonopin, which is used to treat seizures and panic disorders.

Tocco and Thibeault were arrested during a drug investigation in March, with police reportedly seizing narcotics from both men.

Police said Thibeault has a “lengthy criminal history,” including drug distribution charges, and was recently released from jail where he was serving time for narcotics charges.

In the latest investigation, police say they found five clonazepam pills, an electronic scale, and a small quantity of marijuana in Thibeault’s bedroom during a search of the home at 7 Springfield St..

Tocco’s charges stem from a drug deal police say they witnessed. Police observing Tocco reported that he passed a bag of marijuana to another man in a car, and that man, when stopped by police, admitted to having taken the marijuana in exchange for money that Tocco owed him. In an interview, Tocco admitted that the exchange happened, according to police.

While investigating, police also say they observed Tocco driving a vehicle from the Springfield Street house to another home. At the home, police say the woman against whom charges are pending exited the vehicle, entered the house, then immediately returned to the vehicle.

“Through our training and experience we know this to be consistent with drug distribution,” Detective Thomas Quinn wrote in the report.

Officers’ observations led police to search the home at 7 Springfield St. Along with the illegal items found in Thibeault’s room, police say they found 43 white pills in a bag that belong to the woman who they say was in car with Tocco. The woman told the investigating officers that the pills were tramadol, prescribed for back pain, however police sent the pills to be tested and say they will charge the woman if tests indicate that the pills are a controlled narcotic.

Tocco and Thibeault have been arrested during drug distribution investigations in the past, with police seizing narcotics from both men in previous incidents, according to the police report.

Police said Thibeault has a “lengthy criminal history,” including drug distribution charges. Thibeault was recently released from jail where he was serving time for narcotics charges.

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