, Gloucester, MA

January 14, 2013

Second 'sato' finds its way to Cape Ann

By Gail McCarthy
Staff Writer

---- — ROCKPORT — Andrew Garfield, a Rockport resident, says he read last Monday’s Timee story about the rescue of a Puerto Rican sato dog rescued by a local teacher and her friends, with both amusement and incredulity.

The amusement and happiness stems from it being a wonderful story, he said, “and incredulity because as I read that story, I knew another sato from northwest Puerto Rico was in the air and heading to Rockport.”

He knew that because he, too, had a horrible stray dog story. But his wife, Lisa Hogan, a Gloucester native, could not just stand by. She jumped in to help the change the fate of another helpless stray dog.

Gloucester Daily Times readers responded to last Monday’s story about the Puerto Rican sato because of the cases of animal abuse in Gloucester District Court, with some residents expressing interest in attending a future hearing to show the court how seriously they view these kinds of cases.

Garfield, who has a condo on the island, knows too well the terrible stray dog problem in Puerto Rico where there is constant abandonment of dogs.

“Sadly these dogs never make it more than six to nine months before they are replaced by other strays,” said Garfield, who happens to have come to Cape Ann from Gloucester, England. “During our visit for Thanksgiving, we watched in horror from our balcony as two boys on ATVs deliberately chased down and ran over a lovely dog that first appeared on the beach this summer.”

His wife was the one who chased after the dog and found him cowering near a local bar where the owners fed him regularly. He was called Tiger because of his brindled stripes.

“I brought up the rear in our truck so we could take him back to the condo,” said Garfield, noting that his wife speaks fluent Spanish and was able to find the vet and boarding kennel and conducted all of the discussions in Spanish.

“We brought Tiger back to our condo and the next day took him to the vet for treatment,” Garfield said. “Luckily, he was not hurt badly, but he was riddled with parasites, ticks and flees. We had all of these treated and we then boarded him at a wonderful dog hotel until we returned on Dec. 23.”

The dog arrived at Logan last Monday, and is adjusting to his northern home and is getting acquainted with his canine “sibling,” Ollie, who Garfield describes as a pampered Stafford bull terrier he brought from England when he emigrated here in 2004.

The former Puerto Rican “beach bum” will now become a resident of Cape Ann.

“The good news from our story is that the two dogs are doing really well together, and for the last two days we have taken them running together from Rockport to Pigeon Cove and back,” Garfield said.

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