, Gloucester, MA

May 4, 2013

Letter: Campbell is common-sense choice for Rockport

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I am writing in support of Don Campbell for selectman in Rockport.

I have known Don Campbell for about four years now. I have found Don to be an honest, hard working individual, and superb family man, who cares deeply for the community of Rockport.

I have been very impressed with Don’s background. He started a business in Rockport — Mobile-Lube — ran it successfully, and then successfully sold the business moving on to new challenges. Most recently, Don has now been overseeing a $5 million dollar renovation at his current employer, Pride Motor Group, and has experienced first-hand the challenges of dealing with numerous government regulations that businesses face when trying to expand and add jobs.

In talking with Don, at length, about the fiscal challenges that face the Town of Rockport over the next decade, I have found Don to be a great listener and very engaging on the issues. Don understands that there are numerous demands for funding various ideas, and projects, but limited resources for funding.

I am convinced that Don will fight to represent the taxpayer of Rockport, and do so in a thoughtful and compassionate way. I was particularly pleased to learn that Don will not participate in the town of Rockport’s health insurance program. This sets a great example for other elected officials, and will save the town somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 per year.

Would you please join with me in voting for Don Campbell for Selectman on Tuesday, May 7.


Twin Light Circle, Rockport