, Gloucester, MA

October 24, 2013

Students knew teen as 'quiet'

By Ethan Forman

---- — DANVERS — When Danvers High senior and varsity soccer team manager Mike Maijenski heard that a junior varsity player named Philip Chism had gone missing Tuesday night, he took to Twitter.

Then he and eight other players took to the streets, to see if they could find him.

It was Topsfield police who found Chism later that night, walking along Route 1. But the fact teammates were out looking for him speaks to the way the 14-year-old, who recently relocated to Danvers from Tennessee, was regarded.

Maijenski described him as “quiet” and a nice person.

“He was a very good soccer player,” Maijenski said. “He was a leading scorer on the team. He had a good work ethic. ...

“He showed no sign of depression or anger or ever tried to hurt someone on the soccer field.”

Not much more was known about Chism’s background as of late Wednesday.

Court records say he was born in Clarksville, Tenn., to Dianna and Stacy Chism. Records also reflect his slender build, at 6-feet, 2-inches and 148 pounds.

There was no answer at Chism’s home phone number listed in court records. At his home on Riverside Street in Danversport, a woman closed the door after a reporter rang the bell. A couple of visitors entering the house declined to comment. A neighbor across the street said she did not know anything about the family.

Danvers High senior Christian Veatch said that not many students knew Chism.

Spencer Wade said Chism was in his math class at one point, but he did not know much more.

”He seemed kind of quiet to me,” Wade said.

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