COVID-19 and homefield (dis)advantage

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith, defended by Detroit Lions cornerback Desmond Trufant, catches a 20-yard pass for a touchdown on Sunday. The Lions were the home team, but they are 0-2 at home this season and 1-1 on the road.(AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

The NFL season is 25 percent complete. Crazy how quickly time goes by during the football season, isn't it?

What's crazier? Homefield advantage has, over the first month of the 2020 season, disappeared. At least when it comes to games expected to be close.

Only six home teams out of 14 won on Sunday. It's 15 if you count the Jets' Thursday night loss in New Jersey.

If you bet on just the favorites this weekend, you'd have had nine correct picks and, well, you would've beat me (more on that later).

Guess what? Week 3 was just like Week 4, with six home teams winning and nine favorites winning. Do you see a trend?

Week 5 is upon us and it will be very interesting as there are only two games -- just two! -- in which the spread is 3 points or less. That's amazing.

Not having fans is weird for us, but it seems to be weird for the teams, too.

While the best teams, as in Kansas City, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Green Bay, and their passionate homefield advantages haven't really mattered. They are that good.

It's the other teams, the middle-of-the-roaders, like teams without franchise quarterbacks, that need that homefield rush from fans.

As for Week 4, I got only eight of 14 games correct. Picking home underdogs is costing me. Homefield is not an advantage for all teams during COVID-19.

Each week we award a maximum of 10 T-shirts who pick more winners than I do. This week we needed the first two tiebreakers -- Patriots point total and amount of correct selections.

Each winner was within 7 points of the Pats point total (10) and at least 10 correct picks..

Week 4 winners

Eugene Barratt of Gloucester

Pete Ahlers of Magnolia

David Frederick of Danvers

Stephen Anderson of West Newbury

Jack Hogan of Peabody

John Welch of Gloucester

Alyssa Marie of Clinton

Lenny Small of Beverly

Jim Hennessey of Salem

Ryan Gates of Peabody


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