On Oct. 8, in the year 2012, there appeared a carcass, a 59-foot male leviathon

in the channels and beaches of Boston Harbor.

Then currents and tide flow, waves and wind, propelled him north to the Cape Ann

peninsula of Rockport’s rocky lee shores.

Off Penzance Road’s “Cogswell Path” spring tide did beach him, high and dry.

There he was viewed for several days, by locals and the curious.

The epic Atlantic Coast hurricane “Sandy” had another idea. It moved this

Finback whale 400 yards south to Cape Hedge.

From there, this bones were retrieved and blubber disposed.

Now I do propose that where he first beached on Rockport’s shore, on maps and charts,

this name should follow ... and that would be, “Finback Hollow!”

Steve Davis


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